Pulled smoky BBQ beef

Pork and rosemary kebabs with lemon and garlic marinade

Beef and cracked black pepper sausages

Guinness and leek sausages 

Pork black pudding and thyme sausages 

Sundried tomato and basil sausages 

Mourne lamb burgers with fresh mint

8oz sirloin steak - £5 supplement

Chicken breast with ginger, oregano and lime marinade

Haloumi, courgette, mushroom, red onion and pepper kebabs (V)

Chargrilled teriyaki tuna steaks

Pork and caramelised pineapple skewers

Chickpea, courgette and pepper burgers (V)

Fish skewers with sweet chilli glaze

Lamb skewers with yoghurt and cumin

Salmon with chilli, orange, soy and spring onion

Marinated butterfly leg of lamb with garlic, rosemary and fennel seeds

Salmon and monkfish skewers

Pork and apple burgers with fresh thyme

Chicken kebabs with roasted peppers and spices

King prawns with lemongrass marinade - £5 supplement

Roasted vegetable skewers with sesame, honey and chilli glaze (V)

Peri-peri chicken

Pulled pork in sweet BBQ sauce

BBQ Sides

Organic mixed leafy salad with summer herbs and raspberry vinaigrette

Warm local organic new potatoes with rock salt and thyme

Broad bean and pea salad, with mint and parmesan

Green bean and bacon salad, with herb vinaigrette

Cous cous salad with sun blushed tomato, roasted squash and peppers, feta cheese and fresh basil

Chunky potato, grain mustard cream and red onion salad

Sweet coleslaw

Griddled courgette and summer tomato salad with basil dressing

Fennel, black olive and orange salad

Chargrilled courgette, parmesan, green and purple basil salad

Tomato party salad –lots of tomatoes, lots of herbs

Royal potato salad –peas, basil, garlic, mint and parmesan

Greek salad with chickpeas

Roasted pepper and asparagus salad

Chickpea, coriander and fresh mango salad

Fusilli salad, with creamy mushroom, wild garlic dressing

Rocket with parmesan shavings

Bacon, jalapeño and corn salad 

Watermelon, quinoa, feta, cucumber and mint salad 

Black bean, feta, avocado, tomato and corn salad 

Caeser pasta salad 

Tzatziki potato salad 

Three bean salad with parsley and rosemary

Mozzarella and salami pasta salad

Black olives, peppers and chopped basil