Old Barn Wedding and Events Catering Ireland
Old Barn Wedding and Events Catering Ireland



Bernard Shaw once said that there is no love more sincere  than the love of food.

I totally agree and with that in mind, I can safely and comfortably say and you will also definitely agree with me that the key to anyone’s heart is a good meal served in a classy way. Certainly a hearty meal from menu well designed will wow your guests or customers if you are running a restaurant or hosting an event whether big or small. So let us talk about a menu that will get the attention of your guests or customers at your wedding reception or your restaurant for that matter. Whether selecting from our Ulster Tatler Chef of the Year, James Richardson's impressive menu options or designing a menu specifically to your tastes and style, your choices will leave a sophisticated and lasting impression. Consider what the pricing includes if you have to hire the services of a professional caterer, such as Old Barn Event Catering Armagh Is the quoted price inclusive of service staff, floor length linens and napkins in a classic white or ivory? We generally provide all inclusive quotes for your wedding, and supply all manner of things which you need to make your wedding day special.

You can have a wide range of delicacies including the inclusion of special dietary requirements like vegetarian in order to cater for the needs of different people that will grace the event. The choice and the design of a perfect menu should be informed basically by the needs of the bride and groom, it is their special day after all, and the diversity of people that will be able to attend the ceremony.  So what are some of the examples menus that will get your guests talking even after the event?

Here are some ideas on menus that can impress your guest and keep them talking for some time even after the wedding. There are specific areas that you have to keep in mind when having a catering company design the menu for that memorable day.

·       Beverage: In your choice of beverages, consider a beverage and bar package that best reflects your needs with respect to affordability and what is contained in the package. Ask yourself, is the package offering a variety of drinks that will be able to cater for different preferences available? Have a menu that is able to offer the most selection while at the same time pampering your guests all day or evening.

·       Enhancements: Make the day uniquely yours by selecting specifically selected culinary, décor and design. Consider welcoming your guests to a refreshing beverage station pre-ceremony. Have your cocktail hour enhanced with hors d’oeuvres stations, or create a feast of finger sweets and cookies around your wedding cake.

Finally, come up with a menu where the food preparation is as flavorful as the food itself. For example, you can have French chefs completely donned in aprons and hats going about their business. Who wouldn’t love that? Or may be perhaps consider a sushi bar with a sushi chef, the performance of slicing and rolling simply converts the ingredients into works of art that will definitely blow your guests away.