Old Barn Wedding and Events Catering Ireland
Old Barn Wedding and Events Catering Ireland



 The quality of food is the most important thing when setting the tone for your wedding and the selection of a perfect caterer to handle all the catering services at your wedding should be done with a lot of thought. The dining arrangements at your wedding forms one of the biggest decisions that you have to undertake and certainly it has to be done in the most delicate manner in order to ensure a smooth running of events come your wedding day.

 The decision on which company is going to handle the catering services is in most cases informed by your needs, specifications and how you have envisioned the day be like with respect to the number of guests, type of food and drinks to be served, where is the venue of the wedding and your wedding is going to be held on which season for example is your wedding held on a hot summer afternoon or is it held on a cold winters evening.There are some key questions that you should have answered before you decide to choose any given wedding caterer. It also helps to have a look at some of the awards that the business may have, and to have a person to person chat with the owner, chef, or general manager. This is an invaluable way to get a feel for the people who will be handling the most important part of your big day. You should also check for reviews, both online and in print.

Here are some of the questions that you should seek answers to in the process of selecting a caterer for you wedding.

1.     Cost: How much will it cost? Ask the caterer to give an estimation of how much it is going to cost keeping in mind the number of people who will be available considering that there will be an additional 10% to the number. Inquire about the price for a buffet, a seated dinner and for a bar if need be.

2.     Seating arrangements: The caterer should be able to give an idea of the number of people who can seat comfortably in your venue with certain types of tables. You and the caterer should sit down and be able to work together on the seating arrangements. You can even introduce a chart in the discussion.

3.     Sample the Menus: When you have a rough idea of the cost, ask for sample wedding menus that fit in each price estimate. In addition to that you also need to speak to the caterer about special restrictions with regard to food like vegetarian substitutes for some guests if the need arises.

4.     Lastly you should ask the caterer if in the catering package there is also the inclusion of tables, linens, chairs, and other items so that you can work out an alternative if they are not catered for by the caterer.

The best caterers in Armagh are always on demand and if you would like services from the best you will definitely need to make bookings as early as possible so that you won’t have to settle for less. It is your wedding day and you deserve the best.