Old Barn Wedding and Events Catering Ireland
Old Barn Wedding and Events Catering Ireland



Summer time is the number one most popular time of the year to get married and for a good reason too.

Summer time weddings are full of sunshine and warmth which gives you a chance to get married outside in an open garden, beach or a beautiful yard. Take full advantage of the long warm days with an afternoon wedding or alternatively embrace the glorious sunset with an exchange of your vows as the sun goes down behind you. Barbeque certainly will not be the first thing that comes into your mind when you are planning your wedding. But if you are into simple things in life and you prefer an inexpensive wedding, then a barbeque summer wedding could be the perfect idea for you and your fiancé.

The good thing about a barbeque wedding apart from only being inexpenisve is that it can be incorporated into a theme that you have chosen. You can integrate your barbeque wedding reception into hunting, fishing or a general outdoor theme. The colors and the decorations that you chose should not only reflect your style but also should fit into the theme and create a serene and comfortable atmosphere for you and your guests. If you and your spouse are a low key couple who have a preference of a casual wedding, a simple picnic style barbeque is ideal for you. Alternatively, make it a surprise by inviting your friends and family for a barbeque which turns out to be a wedding like some celebrities do.

Decorations are quite easy to undertake as you only need to make the whole occasion stand out from a typical barbeque party. Make the decorations to be in tandem with your wedding theme by decorating the tables with bright colored linen for a summer barbeque wedding or a white and red checkered for a country or a picnic style wedding but feel free to incorporate any other color that you may have in mind. Set up center pieces on each table by using mason jars filled with your favorite type of flowers. Brightly colored, summery centerpieces would be a great addition to your decorations or fill jars with slices of lemon, lime or whole green apples. This could serve as great addition to the table décor and refreshments for the guests.

At your wedding reception, treat your guests to simple and yet easy to prepare food which is better than tick steaks or fish that take a longer to cook. Thin strips of chicken, hamburgers or shish kabobs is another great idea as they can cook at a faster rate and get your wedding reception run smoothly. The best idea to ensure that your wedding party goes smoothly is to hire a company who specialises in BBQ Weddings Armagh, Northern Ireland,  such as Old Barn Event Catering. On the part of beverages, fill a large wash tub or galvanized buckets with ice and bottled drinks from where your guests will be able to get cold drinks from. Ensure you have a variety of drinks ranging from alcoholic drinks to non-alcoholic drinks to cater for the different preferences that will be available at the reception.Alternatively, your catering provider may be able to supply you with a full bar service, which makes it even easier for you to plan your wedding day.