Old Barn Wedding and Events Catering Ireland
Old Barn Wedding and Events Catering Ireland



Candy, ice-cream, and popcorn carts

One of our hand-made carts is guaranteed to add that extra special touch to your event. Old Barn Event Catering offer a friendly and professional service delivering a great, traditional cart to your venue. Ideal for all type of events, these carts are proving very popular, and are a guaranteed talking point at your event.

Candy buffet

As an alternative to a candy cart, you may consider a candy buffet. We can provide a wide range of candy buffet services for many different occasions. Candy buffets are a mixture of sweets presented on a table or as centre-pieces for your guests to help themselves. We offer a customised service allowing you to decide which type of sweets you would prefer and glassware to suit your occasion.

Candy Tree

As a unique table centrepiece for any event, we offer a candy tree service. Each tree can be colour co-ordinated to your event, and can be as lavish or as simple as you wish. We offer a wide range of candy for use in your trees, and an array of decorating options, allowing for as much customisation as you like.