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Candy trees or else known as sweet trees are one of the most adapted trends in weddings these days as they add a touch of creativity to the whole wedding setting and theme.  Candy trees offer you a fabulous and a unique way to enhance your wedding reception by improving and complementing the decorations on your wedding guests’ tables.

If you are not into the traditional wedding reception decorations of just only having flowers and brightly colored balloons, candy tress or sweet trees is a better option when it comes to center pieces for tables. You can have the candy trees handmade to fantastically suit any special event or occasion that you are hosting.  For that special someone, they can be a great gift and for your guests, they look amazing and they taste pretty good too.

Sweet candy trees wedding centerpieces are certainly a sure way to create conversation at your wedding celebration. Wedding center pieces do not have to be necessarily the traditional flower arrangement. Candy trees offer a more unique, unconventional idea that makes the wedding reception stand out.  As centerpieces at your guests’ tables, the candy trees offer several advantages over typical candles and flowers. Among the advantages include; easy to create at home for the do-it yourself couple and that also makes it cost saving, the candy can double as part appetizer, dessert or wedding favors for the available guests and last but not least, their cost is relatively low compared to the purchase of live floral.

These wedding centerpieces may require a little more time and effort but they can offer a visual treat that will definitely wow the seated guests at the reception tables. They are actually one of the easiest and simplest center pieces to create. To do so, you need to have a Styrofoam cone placed flat on the table. The next step is to cover lollipops in tissue paper that matches you wedding colors. Then, stick the lollipops into the tree in an angled up position making sure that the suckers are evenly spaced. For the gaps that may be present, you may use several miniature faux flowers to cover them, then top the cone  with a large version of mini flowers and lastly secure the candy tree to a display plate with chocolate  coated candies scattered on the bottom.

For a more outstanding alternative, you can chose to replace the lollipops with rock candy on swizzle sticks. You can decide reducing the cost if you are running on a fixed budget by making your own rock candy or alternatively you can, if you can afford it, purchase them in clear packaging that will enable the showing off of the candy color. Remember that having a variety of colors and types included on the candy tree will make the candy more attractive. The candy trees are an avant-garde option for that dream trendy wedding that you and your spouse have been dreaming of.

Using a reputable wedding supplier, such as Old Barn Event catering is the easy way to ensure that your wedding candy trees are of a suitable quality to impress your wedding guests.